road bicycle handlebar risers

road bicycle handlebar risers have become increasingly popular in the cycling world, with more and more cyclists opting to upgrade their handlebars to add a little extra comfort. Handlebar risers are designed to bring your handlebars up, slightly above the height of your stem, allowing for a more upright cycling position. The benefits of having a higher handlebar position are twofold: increased comfort and improved aerodynamics.

Firstly, the comfort benefits of having your handlebars raised are quite evident; by shifting your weight to the back of the bike, you will put less strain on your forearms and wrists, which should result in less fatigue, especially when spending long hours in the saddle. Additionally, it’s very difficult to get the right saddle height and position if your handlebars are too low, so having higher handlebars can contribute to achieving an ideal saddle position for optimal comfort.

In terms of aerodynamics, handlebar risers may also slightly improve the air flow over your body. When your torso is in a more upright position with your handlebars higher, it is easier for the air to move around it, resulting in a slightly faster ride. Of course, this won’t result in a dramatic difference, but it could be the difference between a good and a great race time for those that spend a lot of time on the bike!

Finally, although not strictly beneficial, handlebar risers do add some style to your bike. By having your handlebars raised slightly above the stem, you can create an aesthetic look that is both eye-catching and unique. It’s also very simple to adjust the height of your risers, meaning you can find the perfect look for your road bike.

Overall, there are many benefits to upgrading your road bike with handlebar risers. Although they won’t make a dramatic difference to your speed or comfort, they can give you that edge you need over your competitors. From improved comfort to increased aerodynamics and stylish aesthetics, it’s easy to see why so many cyclists are now choosing to rise above the rest with handlebar risers.

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